The Leave No One Behind Partnership is Making Voices Heard and Count


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were created in the spirit of “leaving no one behind,” meaning all goals need to be reached for everyone. However, data that sufficiently captures the needs of marginalised groups is scarcely found in official monitoring statistics and hence don’t play a role in the planning of public services and policies. As a result, there is a lack of adequate solutions that could help to improve the livelihoods of these communities, endangering the successful delivery of the SDGs overall.

The Leave No One Behind partnership aims to address this problem by promoting the generation and use of community-driven data, aiming to augment the voice and agency of marginalised groups who are at risk of being overlooked in the implementation of the SDGs. To achieve this goal, we combine locally owned data generation with a concerted advocacy effort, addressing key stakeholders of the SDG process at national and international levels.

This website informs about our ongoing work and joint engagements at key international events. This is also a space for our partners and community representatives to share their thoughts, insights and stories on their contributions towards making the promise to ‘leave no one behind’ a reality.

Download LNOB Partnership Flyer