Making Voices Heard and Count in Denmark

The Leave No One Behind coalition in Denmark was founded in 2021. The country lead organisation is ActionAid Denmark.

Current members (November 2021) are:

  • Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke (ActionAid Denmark)
  • Sex & Samfund (The Danish Family Planning Association)
  • Danske Handicaporganisationer (Disabled People’s Organisations Denmark)
  • Kirkens Korshær (DanChurchSocial)
  • Globale Seniorer (Global Seniors)
  • Ilisimasavut
  • Dansk Flygtningehjælp (Danish Refugee Council)
  • Kvinderådet (The Women’s Council Denmark)

The Denmark coalition is currently developing plans for its first project. More information on the project will appear on this page soon.

Denmark Pilot

Denmark Ongoing Project

Denmark Publications

Our Target SDGS in Denmark

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