Explore LNOB India and Nepal’s data tracking sites

LNOB India and Nepal’s data tracking sites are now accessible on the voicescount website

The 2030 agenda to ‘Leave No One Behind’ underscores the importance of achieving the SDGs for the most marginalized sections of the population. For countries to achieve the targets of the SDGs, the progress of marginalised communities is critical. However, the use of national aggregates to measure progress fails to capture the data or the voices of these communities, thereby making them invisible, uncounted and left behind in this development narrative.

The Leave no one Behind (LNOB) Partnership’s “Making Voices Heard and Count” leverages community-driven data (CDD), monitoring data produced and used by local communities, to reach the ‘Furthest Behind First’ to achieve Agenda 2030 for all. Through the use of CDD, marginalised communities raise awareness of their situation with the public and decision makers, and advocate for change.

The Leave No One Behind country coalitions have been working closely with their national and local civil society partners, community-based organisations and marginalised communities to collect CDD and achieve a greater recognition and use of such data as a complementary source for SDG monitoring and review. The coalitions have also been advocating to establish CDD as a tool for the active inclusion of communities in the public development discourse and for the use of this data in the planning of policies and services.

With the help of the LNOB Partnership’ s global partner, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), LNOB India and Nepal have developed tracking sites to share their CDD data sets collected by various marginalised communities. The tracking sites help the coalitions to not only aggregate and display their data in one place but having such a dashboard also allows them to share the data on marginalised groups with a wider audience, enabling its broader utility. In addition, the country coalitions in India and Nepal also leverage these tracking sites to share relevant case studies and latest news and updates on CDD.

The LNOB secretariat has added the tracking sites for Nepal and India to their respective country sites. You can now access LNOB India’s tracking site here and LNOB Nepal’s tracking site here.

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