LNOB Malawi Policy Briefs on Two Social Protection Programs

As part of their MVHC pilot project, the LNOB coalition in Malawi produced two policy briefs. One on the Affordable Input Program and the other on the Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP).

The MVHC project focused on these two social protection programs in Malawi. The purpose of the study was to bring out recommendations to enhance the inclusion of marginalised groups into the AIP and SCTP. Further to solicit citizen feedback on their perceived performance of the Social Protection Programs in Malawi particularly the SCTP and the AIP in line with SDG 10.

The policy briefs offers information on the scope of the problem, policy alternatives and policy recommendations to the duty bearers for improving AIP and SCTP implementation and making it more inclusive.

Policy Brief: Affordable Input Program (AIP)

Policy Brief: Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP)