LNOB Partnership Flyer 2022

LNOB Partnership launches a new flyer

The Leave No One Behind (LNOB) Partnership has launched a new flyer highlighting the partnership’s vision, goals, and ambitions as well as its key initiative, “Making Voices Heard and Count (MVHC) project.” MVHC embodies both the motto and the methodological approach of the partnership. The project leverages alternative data sources like, community driven data (CDD) to amplify the voices of those that are left behind and making those voices count in policy planning and SDG implementation. By doing so, the partnership actively contributes towards fostering an equitable change and fulfilling the central, transformative promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to leave no one behind.

The flyer also summarizes the partnership’s key successes and learnings on both global and national level. In addition, it highlights the main achievements of the LNOB country coalitions in Bangladesh, Denmark, India, Kenya, Malawi, Nepal and Vietnam, as well as its key wins on the global level.

The flyer was developed based on the results drawn from the recent 5-year evaluation of the LNOB partnership and its Making Voices Heard and Count project.

You can read more about the LNOB partnership, its work, and achievements by downloading the flyer.

Download LNOB Partnership Flyer

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