Global Member Organisations

Our global member organisations are the founders and core supporters of the Leave No One Behind partnership. They contribute to the progress of our joint work with their resources, expertise and capacities both at the global and at the national levels. The partnership benefits and thrives based on their collective expertise in a wide array of subjects related to inclusive and sustainable development, and the generation and use of civil society data.

World Vision International
International Disability Alliance
HelpAge International
ActionAid International
ADRA International
CBM Global
Development Initiatives
Plan International
Transparency International
VSO International

National Lead Organisations

Our National Lead Organisations are heading the national Leave No One Behind coalitions in our action countries, having a pivotal role for the overall progress of the partnership's work. They are entrusted to coordinate the overall project implementation in their country, also serving as spokesperson of the country coalition in the global partnership.

Plan International (Kenya   Malawi)
SDGs Kenya Forum
VSO (Kenya   Nepal)
CARE Malawi
Action Aid Denmark
Centre for Social Accountability


Our partnership benefits from the financial and technical support of third party organisations. Our supporters enable us to scale up the partnership's work at the national and global levels, and thereby make an inportant contribution towards the realisation of our overall goals.

Robert Bosch Foundation
Hewlett Foundation
Deutsche Postcode Lotterie

Strategic Partners

The Leave No One Behind partnership is a collaborative effort of a multitude of actors at the global and national level. Yet, we seek to join forces with other external partners who share our vision for a more inclusive and participatory SDG process in which data from civil society plays a more meaningful role. Together with these strategic partners, we conduct joint efforts aiming towards this goal. Our current strategic partners are the Danish Institute for Human Rights, GIZ Global Programme‚ Partners for Review,' the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) and the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD).

Danish Institute for Human Rights
Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD)
Partners for Review
United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD)

Partnership Secretariat

The International Civil Society Centre serves as the secretariat of the Leave No One Behind partnership. In this role, the Centre aims to secure smooth coordination between partners at all levels. It keeps track of the progress of the partnership' strategic goals and of overall project implementation at the national levels. It facilitates global events and 'national exploration workshops' to foster new collaborative country action. It leads on the overall external outreach, acquisition of new members and fostering of strategic partnerships. Also, it coordinates global fundraising and actively supports fundraising for national project implementation.

Partnership Sectariat