CGD: Community voices on the achievement of SDGs in Vietnam

The report titled “Citizen-generated Data – Community Voices on Achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Vietnam” reflects the perspectives of vulnerable groups, including children, youth, women, people with disabilities, LGBTIQ+, ethnic minorities, and social organizations, regarding the progress on the 2022 SDG implementation in Vietnam. The coalition aims to leverage the data as a complementary source to institutional data and use it to contribute towards SDG monitoring but also influence policymaking.

The report highlights important issues that the marginalized groups face, and aims to empower them in the political processes. The report gathered data from 3,100 participants through surveys and group discussions, assessing the improvements and future progress of selected SDGs. It offers insights into citizen perceptions, marginalized groups’ views, and challenges faced in SDG achievement. The report underscores the value of citizen-generated data alongside official data and provides recommendations for effective development through partnership.

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