Disability Data Advocacy Toolkit

The Stakeholder Group of Persons with Disabilities, the International Disability Alliance, and CBM Global Disability Inclusion launched the very first comprehensive disability data advocacy toolkit in 2020. The disability data advocacy toolkit was created in response to increasing interest and requests from persons with disabilities and their representative organizations from all over the world.

The aim of this toolkit is to contribute to the growing global dialogue on the importance of data on persons with disabilities, specifically to provide some basic knowledge on data collection, analysis, and use of data for evidenced-based advocacy to influence policy and decision makers.

The toolkit highlights two particular aspects of the journey on data, starting first with the need for data to understand the real situation of persons with disabilities, to identify gaps that are not addressed through policies and / or to provide examples of successes. The second aspect the toolkit touches upon is once the data exist. It is important to understand how to analyze, use, and trust data for creating advocacy messaging. The toolkit includes case studies of organizations of persons with disabilities and other stakeholders, including the Leave No One Behind Partnership, that have been involved in these aspects.

Access the Disability Data advocacy toolkit in English.

The toolkit is also available in: Arabic, Easy Read, French, Spanish, and an abridged version in International Sign.