Islamic Relief Nepal Citizen-led Sustainable Development Goals Monitoring

Nepal is pursuing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development with strong national commitment as a means for transformative change in the country through its integrated approach and the principle of Leave No One Behind (LNOB). The Nepal SDGs Forum National Secretariat conducted a review workshop to identify the key issues and challenges in operating the SDGs. These issues included gaps in the disaggregated baseline data, a lack of operational guidelines, limited means for implementation, the need for effective private sector engagement, the need to bring focused attention to the agenda of disability, and the absence of a systematic monitoring and evaluation system.

Due to the historic exclusion from public processes and lack of responsiveness from authorities and civil society groups, the voices of the most marginalised communities in Nepal are rarely sought or heard. This is a major barrier to their participation in and representation at the relevant forums. Consequently, even after the SDGs and policies are reformed and put in place, the marginalised groups are still left behind in local development processes including accessing social service schemes and government entitlements.

The VSO-led LNOB consortium including Islamic Relief Nepal, as part of efforts to Leave No One Behind, conducted an initiative along with other stakeholders that provided a platform for youth-led SDGs monitoring in Rajdevi municipality of Rautahat District. The monitoring aimed to create a platform for citizens’ voices on the progress of SDGs under specific national indicators by using various participatory tools including community score cards. This assessment report has been prepared for documenting the progress against the SDG indicators and proposed actionable recommendations that contribute towards Nepal’s policy development process and tracking the SDGs progress over time.

To access or download the Islamic Relief Nepal Citizen-led Sustainable Development Goals Monitoring report, click here.