Learning Report Leave No One Behind Partnership Nepal (2018-2022)

This learning report from LNOB coalition in Nepal presents key achievements, major insights and main lessons learned that have emerged from LNOB Nepal initiatives in Nepal conducted between 2018 and 2022.

The information and analysis contained in the report were gathered from actual scale and reach data, narrative reports produced by VSO Nepal on behalf of LNOB Nepal and various LNOB partnership engagement and initiatives. The purpose of this exercise and the report is two-fold:

  • To contribute to LNOB Nepal partnership learning, improved programming and decision making in organizational practice areas and initiatives from a Leave No One Behind perspective.
  • To create a sustained learning culture through an annual cycle of evidence synthesis and analysis.

The learning report also aims to answer key questions related to the LNOB intervention in Nepal and outlines the methodology used to generate answer to those questions and the key findings.

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