Malawi Leave No One Behind (LNOB) Study: Making Voices Heard and Count

This comprehensive report from the LNOB coalition in Malawi offers an insight into Malawi’s pilot project, “Making Voices of Marginalised Groups Heard and Count in Malawi,” including the purpose, objectives, methodologies and outcomes of the project.

The report also gives a comprehensive background on the status of marginalisation in Malawi and the rationale behind the MVHC project. It focuses on two social protection programs in Malawi, namely the Affordable Input Program (AIP) and the Social Cash Transfer Program (SCTP). The purpose of the study was to bring out recommendations to enhance the inclusion of marginalised groups into the AIP and SCTP. Further to solicit citizen feedback on their perceived performance of the Social Protection Programs in Malawi particularly the SCTP and the AIP in line with SDG 10.

The study involved mapping of the existing participatory spaces for marginalised groups and stakeholders; worked with local communities and government service providers to identify gaps in line with the implementation and knowledge of SDGs and the two social protection programs. The focus was on the review of the above-named on-going social protection programmes to ascertain their inclusiveness and impact on the lives of the marginalized groups. The data collection study covered three geographical districts one from each of the political regions in Malawi. In addition, the project team analysed various relevant reports and existing policies related to the implementation of the AIP/SCTP in Malawi, as well as conducted focus group discussions and community score cards to gain more understanding of the status of inclusion of marginalised groups into their programs.

The report concludes with a list of policy recommendations for duty bearers on both the AIP and SCTP programs.

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